I am an artist who primarily creates mixed media paintings with imagery sourced from physical places, childhood memories, and symbols connected to my matrilineal ancestry. I frequently use the image of rainbows in relation to bifröst, the mythological rainbow-road between different worlds. This personally references my curiosity on the meaning of an afterlife, becoming more complex after the loss of my mother, while I was becoming a mother myself. My only certain belief is that we each experience multiple symbolic “afterlives” during the time that we are alive – when one life phase ends, a new phase and way of living begins.

This blending of honoring memory with the present is visually executed within my artwork,  through expressive mark-making and dream-like forms that are somewhat diluted in structure, but strong and vibrant in color and textural sheen.  I utilize iridescent materials alongside water-based pigments as a way to transport the audience to an experience that is interactively unique, depending on light source and physical proximity to the painting.

My primary influences are Kate Bush, Andrew Thomas Huang, Perfume Genius, SWOON, and Eva Hesse. I additionally have grown my art practice to include the creation of music, short films, and interactive fiber art, under the multimedia project name, “Liz the Prophetess.”

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